Making Your Dream A Reality

Custom Homes

We make the custom home building process enjoyable at every phase. Our focus is on your individual design features like kitchen and bath layouts, bedroom sizes and locations, closet and storage space, traffic patterns and room flow, roof pitch, dormer sizes and locations, window types, and any other individual components of the design that fit your needs.


Home renovation is a huge project that starts simple. Thomas Harvey & Company keeps it simple and hassle free for you while taking on the complexities of permits, electrical, plumbing, and many other aspects that are not always revealed up front.

Historic Restorations

Choosing an appropriate treatment for a historic building or landscape is critical. Preservation focuses on the maintenance and repair of existing historic materials and retention of a property's form as it has evolved over time. Rehabilitation acknowledges the need to alter or add to a historic property to meet continuing or changing uses while retaining the property's historic character. Restoration depicts a property at a particular period of time in its history, while removing evidence of other periods. Reconstruction re-creates vanished or non-surviving portions of a property for interpretive purposes.

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